LiveLonger Happyfest





Please Come and Help us Support our Local Veterans & Rescue Shelters!

May 4th, 2019 (9am -6pm)

Guntersville, AL at Civitan Park On the Lake


 LiveLonger.Life is hosting the First Ever LiveLonger HaPPyFest with help from “3Way Handshake”, “Homecoming Cafe” and “Lake City Magazine”


FREE ENTRY!…NO ADMISSION REQUIRED (a donation for the cause is much appreciated.  We want to help our Veterans and Rescue Shelters as much as possible so go ahead and set aside what’s in your heart to give. We love you and are very GRATEFUL!)

CLICK HERE AND GET YOUR LiveLonger HaPPyFest Tee NOW!  …all profits go to HELP Vets & Pets! (Veterans & Pets)

Hey, do you want to Help People, Pets & Planet Live Longer and Happier?

Bring your Yoga mat, your lawn chair, your banjo or harmonica, a BiG appetite, a Love for Bluegrass & Country Music and Let’s HAVE SOME GOOD OLE FASHION FUN!


We are hosting the First Ever LiveLonger HaPPyFest…Country & Bluegrass Jam!

…in Guntersville, AL on May 4th, 2019 (May the Forth be with you) at Civitan Park alongside BEAUTIFUL Lake Guntersville!

The proceeds will be given to local organizations that Help People, Pets & Planet LiveLonger and HaPPier!

…Such as our Local Veterans & Rescue Shelters.

 Check out the “Where we Give” button to read more.

(We are a 501c3.  This is a not-for-profit event)


Starr and I are soooooo EXCITED!      This IDEA has been brewing for a loooong time!


Let me PAiNT a PICTURE of what the LiveLonger HaPPyFest will be like…


The location will be in Guntersville, AL on Sunset Drive.  Before you start your day, you’ll get a schedule of all the cool happenings going on that day such as a “20 minute COOKING SESSION” or a “FARMING DEMO” or a quick lesson on “How to find Edibles in your own Backyard”.

As you walk, there is a paved trail with towering trees just next to the water that leads you from the Park area all the way to the Farmer’s Market where fresh fruits & veggies, and home-aid goodies will be available.  You’ll hear Bluegrass music playin’ and even see small crowds of folks gathered around pickers pickin’ their banjos and fiddlin’ their fiddles.

The stage is and where the HUGE Fitness Class will be first thing that morning at 9am.  Also, all the puppies and kitties will be stationed for the adoption event.  They will all be “bright eyed & bushy tailed” so they can hopefully all find the forever homes they’ve been dreamin’ of.

It will be a BEAUTiFUL day with no rain in sight and as you walk on the trail, you’ll know you’ve entered into the LiveLonger Enchanted Forest.  You’ll see trees with GiANT googly eyes,  colorful flowers, ribbons and banners.  You’ll hear laughter, kids playing and lots of good ole’ Bluegrass music.  You’ll smell fresh, healthy food cooking from our vendors promoting healthy eating.  You’ll see all kinds of FuN happening that will be tempting to try yourself.  You’ll hear dogs barking and kitties meowing from all the different shelters and organizations that are there.  You’ll see vendors that offer nutritional tips and advice to taking blood pressure and vital signs.  You’ll see the BIG BUS accepting blood from donors.  You’ll see Yoga mats alongside the lake where Yoga classes will be held.

It will be a BEAUTiFUL Spring day with Music playin’, Fiddles fiddlin’, Knowledge sharin’, People helpin’, People lovin’, Kids playin’, Pet adoptin’ and a BuNCH More!!!     live-longer_livelonger

We would be HONORED if YOU were a PART of this Fun & Beautiful Event!!!!

It’s all about spreading LiveLonger Knowledge and Helping People, Pets & Planet LiveLonger and HaPPier!


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