Igbert & Starr Livelonger

Igbert and Starr Here!

We’re all about HELPING People, Pets & Planet Live Longer and Happier!  …

We are a Human BiLLBoard Company with a Positive message!

Each time you BUY a LiveLonger Tee, you HELP do simple things like…

  • HELP buy a Veteran a hot meal
  • HELP a doggie or kitty find a forever home
  • HELP a Veteran buy a tank a gas
  • HELP spay and neuter feral kitties
  • HELP buy groceries for a Veteran in need

Spreading a PoSiTiVe message one LiveLonger Tee at a time!

We want to spread LiveLonger KNOWLEDGE across the LAND! …and make folks smile 🙂

*  Our hearts are for Helping good folks and Loving all of LIFE including animals and this BiG beautiful Earth we live on.

*  We believe in GIVING and then GIVING more because we have this super duper GROOVY deal with this cool peep named KARMA!  (peep=person)

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