Igbert HeRe!

If you got invited HERE or just tripped over us then let me, Igbert TELL YOU who we are and what we at LiveLonger are all about.

We’re all about HELPING People, Pets & Planet LiveLonger and Happier!  … We’ll try anything to get the LiveLonger Message out.

I throw bottles with LiveLonger messages on’em in the lake.  I sometimes tie a Live Longer message to Starladog’s neck and send’er off. One time I flew over Guntersville with a long banner made of recycled DG bags.  We’ll DO ANYTHING to get the message across the LAND! …AND THEN! …We had a most BriLLianT Ideer!  WHAT IS THE BEST MESSAGE BOARD or BILLBOARD, so to speak, that we could put to use?


CLOTHES! …What we wear everyday!

T-Shirts…to make it EASY!

T-shirts with a POSITIVE LiveLonger message on’em!

We wanna be a HUB for LiveLonger ideers, hacks and truths that you don’t normally hear in the “mainstream”.

Information is PLENTIFUL, we just have to HEAR iT!!!

We wanna spread LiveLonger Awareness ACROSS the Land!

The BOTTOM LINE is…our hearts are for helping good folks and loving all of LIFE including critter-peeps (Our pets and animals = critter-peeps) and this BiG B-E-A-Utiful Earth we live on.

We believe in GIVING and then GIVING more because we have this super duper GROOVY deal with this cool peep (peep=person) named KARMA!

Just know that a part of what comes in goes out in donations to wonderful places that help People, Pets & Planet Live Longer and Happier!

Just keepa watchin for new designs and for mine and Starr’s posts…”Thoughts from Igbert’s PILE of THOUGHTS” and more LiveLonger messages.

If you want Starr or me to shoot you an email when we come up with my NEW gRoOvY stuff then sign in BELOW… (I PROMISE WE WILL NOT BuG You!!!    Scout’s Honor!)

So, Now ya know WHO Igbert & Starr LiveLonger are…   We’ll be around so look for us…

Igbert & Starr OUT!

Live Longer

So …. WHo is ‘us,’ You aSK?

Us is the “LiveLonger crew”,
“Starr”, my bestee and partner in life.

Me, “Igbert”

…and our critter-peeps (Critter-peeps = pets & animals) are listed below:


“Mr. Chicken”, the cat.  She’s wears a hat like a Lady Boss!

“Tartar Sauce or Tar-Tar”     She has the attiduuuuuude of 84 teen-agers but she’s a Sweetie PiE.  
“Dutchess Lana Fluffy-Fluffer McMutha Fluffa”    She has everyone’s heart and one day we think she might stand up, unzip her cat suit and step out…She’s like a lil’ sweet human.

Lieutenant Poindexter, the cat.  You will learn her origin by hanging around. (not in pic)

Twelve Toes, the cat.   He is the cooolest of cats cuz he’s got 12 toes. He’s a Polydactyl kitty…coool! (not in pic cuz he’s too cool for pics)

…and many more critter peeps as you hang around and learn all kinds of POSITIVE LiveLonger stuff!

Stay In the KNOW with gRoOvY messages from Igbert & Starr from time to time… new designs, CooL sayings, words that may change your life…sTuFF like that!!!