Be a Human BiLLBoard!

Every time you buy a LiveLonger Tee, you add to all the good vibes and help spread a Positive message.

You also help Veterans get the help they need and rescued doggies and kitties find their forever homes.  With every Tee sold we give to Veterans and Rescue Shelters.

Spread LiveLonger Knowledge!

We want to sow JOY and make folks smile when they read Igbert’s quirky messages.

Our simple plan is to use common items we wear and use everyday to sow seeds of HAPPY into folks.  Spreading LiveLonger Knowledge and sowing Positive seeds of HOPE and LOVE!

HELPING People, Pets and the Planet LiveLonger and Happier!

Shipping to the USA is always FREE! FAST!

Some news

livelonger_live-longerLiveLonger Designs 2019

Stay In the KNOW with gRoOvY messages from Igbert & Starr from time to time… new designs, cool sayings, words that may change your life…sTuFF like that!