Live Longer

Do you want to make a difference?

We do and we figure most of y’all do too ….
… in your own kinda way that is.

Sometimes all it takes is just a lil’ push or a lil’ thought or a lil’ word to help a good soul make a POSITIVE CHANGE!

With a pOsiTive twist

We hope to make you chuckle at the same time. Sometimes it’s easier to swallow truth when you’re laughing.

Our simple plan is to use common items we wear and use everyday to sow seeds of truth into peeps.  PoSiTiVe seeds of HOPE and LOVE!  We help educate folks about what HELPS all People, Pets and the Planet LiveLonger.

LoVe WorKs

We Love peeps!
( peeps = people )

We Love critter peeps!
( pets to you normal speakin’ folks )

We LOVE this big BEAUtiful dirt clod we all LIVE ON!

Shipping to the USA is always FREE! FAST!

Some news

livelonger_live-longer_livelonger-happyfestLiveLonger Designs 2018

Did ja Know? ...Igbert's 4 Tools to HELP EVERYONE Live Longer!!!

Igbert here!  You are probably saying, "TOOLS?  Whatcha mean…
livelonger_live-longer_livelonger-happyfestLiveLonger Designs 2018

Stay In the KNOW with gRoOvY messages from Igbert & Starr from time to time… new designs, cool sayings, words that may change your life…sTuFF like that!


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