Where we GiVE!

LiveLonger is really a platform we are building so we are able to GiVE more to our community and yours!  (LiveLonger HaPPyFest is a Registered 501c3 Non-profit)

We also have this AMAZiNG deal with this really cool peep (peep=person) called Karma, so we keep the flow of giving goin’.

We are sort of like a funnel to HeLP good & wholesome organizations that have the same heart and vision as we do….Helping People, Pets & Planet Live Longer and HaPPier!


We GiVE to different organizations that:

…help People Live Longer and HaPPier, (Local Veterans and there AMAZING efforts- American Legion Post 114 and more to come)

…help Pets and animals Live Longer and HaPPier, (Second Chance Shelter) (God’s Feral Felines)

…help our Planet Live Longer!  We want to share good, common-sense ideers about how to live more sustainable on our BiG beautiful planet.


Make sure to watch for Igbert & Starr’s posts on Instagram to keep posted on Igbert’s wiLd & cRazy ideers! 

Take a walk with Starladog and the Kitties!