Where we GiVE!

LiveLonger is really a platform we are building so we are able to GiVE more to our community and yours!  (LiveLonger HaPPyFest is a Registered 501c3 Non-profit)

We also have this AMAZiNG deal with this really cool peep (peep=person) called Karma, so we keep the flow of giving goin’.

We are sort of like a funnel to HeLP good & wholesome organizations that have the same heart and vision as we do….Helping People, Pets & Planet Live Longer and HaPPier!


We GiVE to different organizations that:

…Help People Live Longer and HaPPier, (“Project Lifesaver“)

…Help Pets and animals Live Longer and HaPPier, (ie; Second Chance Shelter  God’s Feral Felines)

…Help our Planet Live Longer!  We want to share good, common-sense ideers about how to live more sustainable on our BiG beautiful planet.


Make sure to watch for Igbert & Starr’s posts on Instagram to keep posted on Igbert’s wiLd & cRazy ideers! 

Take a walk with Starladog and the Kitties!