Do you want a Vendor Booth to share your Business, Service, Passion, Art, Craft, Homemade goodies, Food, A cause you believe in, Whatever makes us Live longer and Happier!

Please Come and Help us Support “Second Chance Shelter” & our Local Businesses!

March 26th, 2022 (9am -2pm)

Guntersville, AL at the Farmers Market location on Sunset Drive


  • I’M A FOOD VENDOR:  We want all things LiveLonger so that means the FOOD that’s served must be a healthier option than what is normally served at festivals. …NO FRIED FOOD!
  • I MAKE CRAFTS ETC. TO SELL:  It is known that if you have a hobby then it helps you Live Longer and makes you Happier so if you build, create or design something then that qualifies.
  • I PROVIDE A SERVICE (such as check blood sugar/vitals, massage, consultation etc.) that will help People, Pets or Planet Live Longer and Happier.
  • I am a Martial Arts Instructor or Survival Expert
  • I am an artist
  • I do Face painting / Henna Tattoos
  •  I have a singin’ chicken (oh please call us!)
  • Etc. Etc. Etc……


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I Want a 10×10 Vendor Booth!livelonger_live-longer