How LiveLonger Began!

Matthew here, Igbert’s most Favorite #1 assistant!   I can remember “as clear as day” on July 7th, 2007  (7-7-07, cool huh?)  the morning I was driving down the backside of Guntersville on Blount Avenue when the WORD LiveLonger dropped into my noggin and after that, this guru-lookin’ lil guy entered my head!

…and Igbert was conceived

It was more like, HE POSSESSED MY MiND!

The word “LiveLonger” was what I kept seeing in my head because at the time I was searching for ways to live longer and just try and figure out some truth about it all.  I was so bum-fuzzled because I saw soooo many people sick and dying around me, including my own friends and family.  Think about it, HOW MANY SICK FOLKS DO YOU KNOW?

Live longer,  hmmmm…that sounds nifty, I said to myself!  Live longer…live longer…live longer

live longer…live longer…Live longer…Live Longer…LiveLonger!   I said those two words I don’t know how many times.  Over and over and over again and it just sounded RiGHT!  …so LiveLonger was conceived and the ideers started pouring into me along with a different designs with Igbert doing something “NuTTy”

LiveLonger…  Adopt, DON”T SHOP       LiveLonger…  Take your critter on a DATE!         LiveLonger…  Just  HiKE!

LiveLonger…  Take a nap!             LiveLonger…   Yoga’s a GREAT Karma Cleanse!           LiveLonger… Grow a Garden!

The LiveLonger thoughts kept coming and coming and coming until I filled up pages and pages with groovy and witty lil’ LiveLonger thoughts!    I knew something had possessed me because it kept me up all hours of the night and early into the morning.

I just didn’t know a lil’ long-bearded dude would have that kind of POWER over me but he did and he hasn’t left me alone in over 10 years.   THEREFORE, I had to do something about it so the work began and it would revolve around GiViNG and SPREADING LiveLonger knowledge and awareness!

And Starr Came Along!

star yoga_live-longer_livelonger

It’s so interesting how things work out when you need them to.  Igbert was having a hard time with life and just needed some help or someone to balance him out.  A partner seems to do that when you find the right one.  Starr came into the picture and now helps Igbert with life and Living Longer.  They cruise their world together spreading LiveLonger Knowledge and Awareness.  Help them spread it too by wearing your LiveLonger Tee everywhere you go…

GiViNG BACK to the Community and the World!

That is what we are all about!  We learned a long time ago that giving to others is what fuels our passion.  I’m not just talking about giving money or things but giving what we have.  Giving out POSITIVE ENERGY!  What’s that mean?  Give a smile and you sow joy…

  Give forgiveness and get the same back…

Give time and you get time…

Igbert gave me this idea and it’s called #passitback!    It means when you are at the store or drive-thru, give your change to the feller or gal behind you, thus #PassitBack!  That’s usually a simple way to give a lil’ hope and love to someone that just might need it.

Just allow it to become who ya are, a GiVER!  🙂

“When ya GiVE out then ya NEVER have to worry about LiViNG and HAViNG!  Karma has such a GrOoVy deal going, ya know?” -Igbert Livelonger

The HaPPyFest Ideer!


Festivals were apart of the original thought process because I wanted to BRiNG folks together…not just a festival to have fun and listen to music, but to inform … educate … pass along … JUST TELL GOOD PEOPLE about different ways to LiVE LONGER!                           That is OUR heart!

Drawing folks from miles around to come and have lots of FAMiLY fun, adopt a doggy or kitty, shop around for unique items, listen to groovy LiVE music, eat food that’s healthier but AMAZINGLY yummy and at the same time be informed about different ways to Live Longer and Happier.

Well that’s exactly what we did!  We did host the First Ever LiveLonger HaPPyFest on May 4th, 2019 and it was a SUCCESS!  It rained a bit thast morning but after that it was just a wonderful and HaPPy event!  You can check out the Happyfest tabs at LiveLonger.Life if you want to be involved in upcoming events and HaPPyfests.  There’s also a quick super-fun video to see how it went.

If folks come and then leave and are not encouraged, inspired, helped, informed and just challenged to be a better person then we have not succeeded.

We wanted a POSiTiVE experience for EVERYONE and we got it!

That’s what the LiveLonger HaPPyFest was all about!

Be a Human BiLLBoard

We don’t think of LiveLonger.Life as a T-shirt company but rather a Human BiLLBoard Company.  What we wear everyday can have such a positive affect on someone.  Wear Joyful clothes and sow JOY into someone just by wearing a Positive energy-filled LiveLonger Tee!

Plus we give a portion of every Tee sold to GREAT places like as well as many other places that “Help People, Pets & Planet LiveLonger and Happier!”

NOW, GO GET your LiveLonger Tee and join the ranks of Positive Human BiLLBoards out there and HELP Igbert & Starr spread LiveLonger Knowledge across the land.  …………Just Click the Pic!