We got to know Pam at God’s Feral Felines about 5 years ago when Starr and I moved into a new place and we just so happened to inherit a few feral kitties.  They were definitely use to being fed daily.  Of course we were glad to keep the trend goin’, but the few kitties turned into double real quick!  We found that having more kitties was not getting cooler but worrisome instead.

That’s when the precious soul, Pam at God’s Feral Felines came into our lives.  She came over with a couple “pet friendly” cage traps and we started apprehending them one by one.  We would then take them to an assigned Veterinarian in Guntersville and have them Spay or neutered which ever was needed.  The vet would also clip one ear so folks would know they’d been to the vet.


…and what a HUGE heart they have for all forms of LIFE!  …especially our friends of the Feline persuasion.


Our MAIN GOAL is that your HEART would be tugged enough to press the Picture below to DONATE to this precious cause…

God's Feral Felines, Inc. | Arab, AL | Chewy



We LOVE Pam and God’s Feral Felines so much and want you to get in on this GOODNESS!

Gods Feral Felines


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