The BeST GReeN StuFF I ever DranK!!! – Markus Rothkranz Turbo-PoWered GReeN PoWder!

Ok, I admit, I am an avid YouTube surfer and SO ARE YOU TOO probably!  I find allot of good info on YT.  Igbert has me listening to all kinds of stuff like the importance of Mitochondria, how to practice self healing and Chakra reading and tons of really cooool instructional videos I always get caught up in.  One really groovy couple I saw and have been following for quiet awhile now has some AWESOME knowledge to SHARE ….Markus Rothkranz and Cara Brotman.       You can find their YouTube channel by clicking HERE!

That’s part of what LiveLonger™ is all about…spreading knowledge and sharing good information about HOW to Help People, Pets & Planet LiveLonger and HaPPier!


In all my uncovering of GOOD KNOWLEDGE, I of course want to share all that I find …thus the reason for this BLOG.  When you find an answer it always feels good to share it with friends doesn’t it?


I’ve been taking Markus Rothkranz’s Wild Force Green Formula for several months now and can tell a difference in energy level and just all around health.  In order to really appreciate this really gRoOvY and WiLD formula you need to know what’s in it and why it’s potent.  Here are 3 GREAT reasons to try it out and ENJOY it’s benefits: