Did ja know? …Eating LOCAL is SMART!

Did ja know, eating LOCAL is SMART?  A bunch of moons ago, after coming home with a car-load full of artificial preservatives that probably came from a land far away, I had an epiphany.  WHY IN THE NAME OF BESSIE’S GOAT AM I DOING THIS?  That’s a blog in itself, no doubt.  I realized I hated that part of myself, allowing anything in my body as well as my kiddos and my critter peeps.  It seemed as though a light had SmAcKeD me upside the head.  What happened is that I saw a truth and it started to change me, ever so gradually.  When I know something to be truth to me then it gradually becomes truth in me.

I believe the basics are the easiest place to start and what’s more basic than WHAT WE PUT INSIDE our carcass? …FOOD!!!

After a while I began to think more like, “FOOD is MEDICINE” than just “food is good”.  Also, when gathering our food, the BEST place to start is in our BACKYARDS, thus “Eat Local, Buy Local, GROW A GARDEN!”

ANOTHER ALSO, we believe that spreading LiveLonger knowledge is the MOST EFFECTIVE way to see change in our beautiful world!  …and what’s the BEST way to spread a POSITIVE message than what we WEAR everyday?  Around here, we call’em Human BiLLBoards!   T-shirts are Human BiLLBoards my friends…yes, Human BiLLBoards.



LiVeLonGer… Wearable        BiLLBoards HERE!

                       T-SHIRTS!    ……T-SHIRTS!     ……T-SHIRTS!

We also don’t know everything and “more minds are better than one” so we get permission from other cool & gRoOvY, peeps (like the ever-most ingenious  and creative Emily) to share their blogs and we SHARE KNOWLEDGE.  Without further ado, LEARN why it’s so smart to EAT LOCAL and 8 reasons to eat local foods.

Emily with HolisticSquid.com has it figured out for sure.


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