Did ja Know? …YOGA, a proper way to REMOVE YOUR HEAD FROM YOUR DONKEY!

As Starr & I were researchin’ and tryin’ to find a WORTHY website on where to find “YOGA classes near you”, it was very LABORiOUS but we finally found one!  Also, if ya search and do not find a class that ya know exists near you then please list it so all will know.  🙂

               Live Longer                                       star yoga_live-longer_livelonger                                     Live Longer

Here is what we found and we ENCOURAGE you to CHALLENGE yourself and FIND a class near ya and  G O   G E T    Y O U R    S T R E TC H   O N  !!!!  If you don’t see anything in your area then call your local Recreation center, Senior center or maybe the Chamber of Commerce.  The point is to GO and GET STARTED if you’ve been aimin’ to anywayz.  🙂

Check it out HERE!